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Expo_Bucharest MallGreenArts is a new cultural movement started in Romania in 2010 aiming to extend at European level in the near future, as a silent manifest of artists concerned about  Nature’s protection.

Knowing the major role of art in education, green arts contribute in it’s speciffic unique way to this noble purpose – green education.

Our view on sustainability is the result of the combination of four interdependent and mutually reinforcing pillars: environmental protection, social development, cultural development and economic development, in this specific order.

Greenarts inspire respect and love for nature, stimulate the  spiritual dialogue, encourage closeness between natural and social environment, keeping the ratio in favor of Nature that sustain our lives (49% social, 51% nature).
GreenArts works consistently harmonize the energies present in our living space, continuously stimulate the vital energy, warding off negative energies that disrupt our work / life.

Our mission is inspired from the principles of the following documents:
– Brundtland Report, 1987;
– Agenda 21 (for Culture as a resource to artists and art organizations), Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, 1992;
– ICLEI – Local Government for Sustainability, 1994;
– Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity – 2001
– Final Document of the 2005 World Summit

GreenArts main objectives are:

– raising awareness about environmental protection, using green arts techniques;

– promoting through green arts the unique Romanian natural and cultural heritage;

– showing the European common natural and cultural heritage along Carpathians and Danube river, using green artworks;

– promoting green arts techiques among artists and creating a growing green artists community.

Our activities include:

– organizing green arts exhibitions;

– organizing workshops and courses, teaching all categories of people green arts techiques;

– distributing and re-distributing information online and through social networks about green arts;

– involving schools in creative and artistic green educational activities.

In essence, Greenarts helps transform our  inside so that we always enjoy the tranquility and harmony of nature simply by contemplating a work of art made from natural materials.

“Cultural diversity, as necessary for the human kingdom as biological diversity for living” turns into one of the development roots “understood not only in terms of economic growth, but also as a means of achieving a more satisfying balance in terms of intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual.“- Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity – 2001

The GreenArts motto is: “Nature, expressed in art through Herself ”

GREENArts concept is initiated by  Constantin Serban and supported by Greentourism Ecological Association  the first NGO in Europe that promotes green arts as a tool for raising awareness about environmental protection.

GEA pays particular attention to green arts and promotes the growth of people’s cultural interest based on new artistic instruments. Being at the beginning of the road is also one association at European level that gives special importance to green artistic culture for introduction into the European value system through the awareness of the European public on the natural environment, through a specific artistique typology: GreenArts.

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  1. Mihai Ciuta says:

    Buna ziua,

    M-ar intersa participarea la un workshop impreuna cu un grup de 4-5 prieteni. Ati putea sa imi spuneti, va rog frumos, cind mai organizati astfel de workshop-uri?


    Mihai C

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