Green arts and photography – a joint action to promote the Carpathians

At the end of 2014 Greentourism Ecological Association had the pleasure to celebrate Europe’s natural heritage together with CEEWEB for Biodiversity and other partners, by involving GreenArts in organizing the second edition of International Photography Contest – Go Wild.

It was a good opportunity for us to highlight the natural beauties of the Carpathian Mountains, a region with a huge potential to become a destination for green tourism valued. We made this by offering a special prize for the most beautiful landscape in the Carpathians, in the Wild landscapes category.

Among the hundreds of photos submitted to the competition in this category, the picture of Sebastian Puraci from Timisoara impressed us and joy was even biger as he was one of the few Romanian photographers who entered the competition.


The photo “Mountain trails on Tarcu Mountains” was the gate through which we entered a surprisingly image space, populated with “strong essences”; nature essences and people essences which Sebastian passionately extract from the world around him. His interest in nature photography comes, as he said, as a consequence of the fact that he graduated geography and he is very fond of hiking in the mountains. “Since I started doing photography, mountain backpack became a few pounds heavier due to camera equipment.” In the beginning it was just a hobby, then photography gradually became much more than that, a way to express himself, a way to communicate to others his worldview.

Returning to the winning photograph, Sebastian briefly revealed the context of its “birth”: “I made it in the summer of 2013 in Tarcu Mountains. I was with a large group on a several days tour, and the photo was made in the last evening spent on the mountain. After I installed the camp, others remained there, but I took my camera and went to look for a suitable place to take pictures, knowing that the best light for photos was going to begin. I found the right place right on the edge “Tarcu Pit” where in the distance you can see Muntele Mic (Small Mountain) and their foothills. I waited until the sun was very low in the sky and I took several photos; this is one of them.

We thank Sebastian for sharing with us this essence of the Carpathian Mountains and hopefully our award made of pressed flowers and leaves will help him to relive a more intense emotion of meeting Tarcu Mountains due to the energy released by the natural material.

Sunset inTarcu Mountains_m

The artwork is done with Oshibana technique by Adela Talpes, Oshibana artist and co-founder of GreenArts concept and contains a wide variety of petals and leaves (Crocus, Peony, Tree Mallow, Conduraşi, Coreopsis, Pansy, different leaves) pressed with utmost care to preserve the natural colors and show as close as possible the immortalized essence of Sebastian’s image.Mountain_trails_on_Tarcu_Mountains-tile

By giving this award, we set the foundation for a beautiful world premiere collaboration between photography and green arts, valuing the need to promote the beauty of nature in accordance with the need to protect its perennity.

Detailed information about the two artists portfolios on bellow sites:

Sebastian Puraci: si

Adela Talpes: si


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