Humanitarian Workshops

Colaj2_iunieAccording to statistics of the International Confederation of Organizations of Parents with children having cancer ( ICCCPO ) annually, 250.000 children are diagnosed with cancer worldwide. Among children with cancer , unfortunately , about 80 percent are not diagnosed on time or do not get proper treatment. The same organization has made public the fact that 500 new cases of children with cancer occur each year. Regarding Romania, the average cure for children with cancer is between 30 and 60 percent.

Even though these children live dramatic experience of the disease, even if they grow up in the cold space of a hospital, they have every right to enjoy, have the right to create, to dream, to play . They have the right and the need to be close to nature and more than this, they need the beneficial energy of nature to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Through their involvement in creative activities we bring them closer to the energy of nature and emotionally integrate them in the holidays spirit.


During the GreenArts Therapy workshops the children are able to express themselves creatively with pressed flowers, seeds, walnuts, chestnuts and other natural materials to create toys, ornaments or cards. Besides the workshops, they receive toys, healthy sweets, books and green plants.

Atelier umanitar2_en
We also extended GreenArts Therapy workshops in Pediatric Orthopaedics Department of hospitals because we found these children receive the lowest attention from humanitarian organizations.
Animated by the message “GreenArts – the art that put you back on your feet ” hospitalized children with orthopedic problems were able to creatively express themselves with seeds to create turtles symbol of longevity or with pressed flowers to create beautiful gifts.


The GreenArts Therapy workshops completes EducArt Project of Greentourism Ecological Association and its novelty consists in creative use of materials from nature to improve the mindset of children affected by serious illness.






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