International conference – Art and Personality

GreenArts made it’s voice heard at the International Conference “Art and Personality – the role of artistic creation on the development of human consciousness’, which took place on May 23, 2014 in Iasi, Romania at the Romanian Academy, “Gh. Zane” Branch.

The event addressed the role of art in society, the consequences of interaction with the art of personality development and general role of artistic creativity, element of the human dimension.

GreenArts was represented by Constantin Serban, who presented the work “GreenArts – an art therapy tool for enhancing the resilience in Cases of trauma in children”


In the present context of environmental degradation,  pollution and landscapes destruction continuesly seeping into the people’s psyche, it is necessary a shift from the individualistic vision of the world, to a paradigm that recognizes the profound interconnection of human beings with the natural world . The field of art therapy is a favorable context for this change of perception. Art is one of the most affordable remedies used for children in order to help them overcome a physical or emotional trauma. When the child uses his creativity to make a work of art, he symbolically gain control over an overwhelming and traumatic experience, which lead to resilience .

In this paper Constantin argue that green arts can be a useful tool for art therapy in support of medical care by contributing to improving emotional state , reducing stress and promoting resilience in children with oncological and ortopedic diseases. Green arts therapy represents the therapeutic use of artistic creation, using different types of natural materials and specific techniques by persons with various diseases , deficiencies , trauma, or pursuing personal development.

By participating in workshops that  stimulate creativity using green arts, sick children acquire a different perspective on their situation and  a heightened energy , especially since the natural materials contain beneficial vibrations of nature, which ensure a proper elimination of the physical effects of stress.


This paper presents the findings of a research that Constantin have undertaken for three years in pediatric hospitals in Romania and has prooved the efficiency of green psychology in mental improvement through arts using natural materials. The children reports on their emotional state has shown the natural elements they used have produced a substantial improvement in psychological component of stress. Children envolved in green arts activities by working to create images with plants or seeds showed lower levels of anger, fear or sadness and expressed higher levels of positive feelings .

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