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Handmade Art Embroidery_Representatives Romanian Traditional Clothing Collection

Details: Collection was made by embroideries artist, Mandita Ianos (1921-2015) in the 1971-1973 years, in full comunism regime period.
She has painstaking made working aprox. two months for one miniature cuple clothing.
The precious artsworks collection is inspired by 12 ethnographic zones from traditional regions of Romania.
The Romanian popular costume finds its roots in the part of Tracian, Dacian and Getae ancestors and resembles with that of the peoples of the Balkans, with differences consisting of decorative and colorful details.
Today can still be seen in more remote areas, on special occasions, and at ethnographic and folk events.
Each romanian historical region has its own specific variety of costume.
The collection represent a miniatural treasure for folklore collectors in world.
Instead own a collection of Romanian man and woman size costumes from each region, can own a miniature collection of costumes made with exceptional details good to exibit in entire world.


Condition description: Small spots template from tiny umidity before/after the framed.Original framed with warnished wood and glass and hanger wire. Seled with paper in reverse side. Original hand writting region origins in each reverse.


StartingPrice for unit: 2500eur

Price for entire collection:25000eur

Item availability:No shipping-Local pickup only

Item location: Bucharest, Romania

Contact details: greenartsgallery(at)

+4074 911 9009



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