Pumpkins that scares the disease

GreenArts Therapy workshops

2014   _________________________________

After first Halloween spent in Maria Curie Hospital in Bucharest last year, this year, GreenArts Therapy workshops were in Iasi, in Sf. Maria Emergency Children Hospital, Oncology Department.

Halloween was a good occasion to make pumpkins fierce faces to scare the cancer together with children and their parents..


Among 23 children (2-17 years) who received toys, books, scented candles and healthy sweets, 11 of them joined with their mothers in the GreenArts workshop.


We are grateful for all those who generously supported us and made this activity possible for the benefit of diseased children.

2013   _________________________________

Yesterday was Halloween. It is not a specific Romanian holiday, but for children with cancer, no joyous occasion is to miss.
Any moment which removes the pain, the sadness and brings joy and optimism instead is a useful tool in fighting the disease.


For several hours, children hospitalized in pediatric oncology department of  “Maria S. Curie” hospital in Bucharest, enjoyed carving fierce faces in pumpkins, designed to frighten and chase the disease that overshadows their childhood.

Besides that, they received toys, healthy sweets and magazines. It was a big joy for us to see the happy smile on their face while digging into pumpkins by hand to their elbow to remove seeds, receiving the pure, healing energy of nature.


This workshop was made ​​possible by generous and sensitive people who understand the value of our approach and the power of natural materials to bring a sense of well which fosters healing.

We thank all participants in the GreenArts workshops and classes, all those who bought artworks made by green artists and last but not least, our every weekend host , Serendipity Tea-house.

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